What is a video blog and how does it shape digital media?

In 2016, there were an estimated 700 million digital video viewers worldwide, and this number has now grown to 2.6 billion in 2019. In the United States alone, 248 million digital video viewers are expected by 2022.

The time spent on digital video has also increased dramatically bitmex by almost 120% from 26 minutes per day to nearly an hour per day (mainly because mobile devices have surpassed desktop viewing).

As viewing habits tend to become more online, it turns out that certain types of video content are on demand and welcomed by viewers. Video blogs (short for “video blogs”) have become one of the most popular types of¬†digital video content, and are characterized by video¬†blogs that candidly capture and share life (“video blogs”).

Video blogging (short for “Video Blogging”) is a daily practice for capturing and sharing video blogs, and is characterized by the fact that video blogging can help in daily activities.

Early history of VLOG

Despite earlier reports, the visibility of video blogs increased significantly around 2004. One of the most popular is Rocketboom, a daily newscast produced by Andrew Baron and starring the new star Amanda Congdon as the first of a few moderators. These early video blogs set important precedents by enabling viewers to follow individual creators and influencers.

Despite this early appeal, video blogs still live very differently on the creator’s sites, with RSS feeds and email being the primary distribution methods. The vlog space is missing a major hosting platform.

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